Programming the watchX with Arduino IDE
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Download the Arduino IDE

Go to and navigate to the Software/Downloads page. Download and install the suitable version of Arduino IDE to your operating system.


You can find more information and detailed instructions on how to install the Arduino IDE from;
For Linux: https:/
For MacOSX: https:/
For Windows: https:/

Download and install the watchX libraries

The library files are modified in a way so that they can be used with watchX. Click HERE, download the library files.

Then, follow the library installation instructions from https:/ use the manual installation method.

After this step, you are all set to write and upload your Arduino Sketches to watchX



Please download the examples from HERE You can see the different examples belong to differnt components of watchX. Open the OLED folder. Thera are two different examples belong to two different library.


Adafruit_ssd1306_128x64_spi.ino is more capable but uses too much flash memory space. SSD_1306_ASCII_Spi128x64.ino is only text based and uses less flash memory space. Open Adafruit_ssd1306_128x64_spi.ino and upload it to your watchX.


Make sure that watchX is connected to your computer with supplied USB cable. You can experiment different examples to try out other sensors onboard the watchX, this will get you started to make your own watch firmware.

Upload an Arduino Sketch to watchX

Connect the watchX to your computer via USB cable. Your computer must recognize the watchX as an Arduino Leonardo. That is normal because watchX uses Arduino Leonardo bootloader.
Go to Tools -> Port and select the port that the watchX is connected.
Go to Tools -> Board and select Arduino Leonardo.


Now, you are ready to upload any sketch you like to watchX. You can use the pin layout provided for hardware control. Please click HERE for more information. You can check and modify the examples.

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You can find more information and detailed instructions on how to install the watch faces;