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Engage your imagination with watchX

watchX has a wearable design to engage young makers. They will wear what they develop, instead of a dusty project sits on a desk. It opens up new posibilities to advanced users in wellness/fitness tracking and sport.

When it comes to education, there are tools to teach electronics and programming while industrial design is a big part of life.watchX does not have a case, it's a nato-strap attached to a pcb. We encourage young developers to learn industrial design through designing their own case and to 3D-print it. Experiment challenges like aligning a button hole or a usb port.

Arduino / Scratch Compatible

watchX is Fully Arduino and Scratch Comatible so that you can enjoy easy programming. Once the INDIEGOGO campaign is succesfully funded, we will provide you all of the sample codes, documents and 3d models of watchX.

Bluetooh Connectivity

You can connect watchX to other devices by Bluetooh LE Technology and interact with them. This opens up a whole wariety of possibilities from opening and closing lights of your room to controlling a drone. Possibilities are endless.

Let's take a closer look

Product Preview

It packs a punch!

Programming the Watch

watchX is a development board for users from variety of age. We can simply divide users into two categories. Advanced users and beginner users.

Beginner Users:

watchX is arduino compatible. It will be loaded with arduino uno bootloader for beginners. To program the watch, just download the arduino IDE and plug the watchX to USB port. USB drivers will automatically be installed. Than you should choose arduino uno from tools/boards/arduino uno, than you can write your own code or simply download a sample sketch from our web site and program the watch.

watchX is scratch compatible. You just download the scratch from here and install the firmware required to be installed to watchX in order for watch to communicate with scratch. You can choose “pre-load scratch firmware” option while you are purchasing watchX or you can install it by yourself, it’s easy. Just copy provided code, paste it to arduino ide and send code to watch, you are all done.

Advanced Users:

watchX has ISP programming capability. You can develop your code through atmel studio and program the IC through ISP. Remember that you need an ISP programmer for this, any arduino can be used as ISP programmer as well. We will provide you a detailed explanation about how to develop your code at Atmel studio and program the IC using ISP. You can simply burn the IC with arduino uno bootloader and use it as arduino uno as well.


watchX firmware you saw on video:
watchX has an excellent firmware thanks to ZAK, almost everything is animated nice and beautiful .
watchX firmware has apps like:

Alarms: You can set-up up to 10 alarms, each alarm has the hour, minute and which days of week it should be active on.

Flashlight: It is crazy, we recommend you to use it at a party, it’s cool.

Stopwatch: You can start and stop stopwatch, it can also run in background.

Games: We have two fun games that you saw on video, it’s amusing what this little puppy can do isn’t it:)

Settings: Settings have four sub-categories. You can increase or decrease display brightness. You have volume control in UI, alarms and hour beep. You can set display sleep time-out to increase battery life. And you can invert the screen also you can turn on/off animations.

App that you can run your own code: This app will run your own code. There is a section in software where you can write your own code. Once you write your code and send it to watch, you can navigate to this app from menu to run your code. You can allso add other apps to menu.

We designed watchX software in mind. We tried to use ICs that are popular in arduino/maker community for sample code availability and IC familiarity. For instance, we used MPU 6050 as accelerometer/gyroscope.

If you are not satisfied with our sample code, you can reach lot’s of sample code online sources like adafruit or sparkfun.

Power consumption and Battery Life

While watch is running, microcontroller tries to go into sleep as much as possible. In sleep mode power consumption can be around 0,8 mA - 2 mA. In sleep mode microcontroller turns the OLED display off and goes into power down sleep mode where it is only woken by either a button press, an RTC alarm or USB being plugged in. In this state microcontroller draws around 100nA. In sleep mode overall current draw is around 6uA. In normal usage current draw is around 10mA this can increase up to 70mA.

Battery Life:

  • During sleep mode(6uA): ~2.8 years
  • Typical usage (10mA): ~15 hours
  • High performance usage (65mA): ~ 2 hours

*If the watch used in active mode for 1 minute a day and volume channels set to minimum, watch battery should last around 1 year and 3 months.


Let’s start with MCU, we used atmega328p to cover all users from variety of age. We aware of the atmega328p is a little underpowered for advanced users however; it will still do the trick;)

We have 1.3 128x64 SSD1306 OLED Display on board. The way we connect the display to board is unique. Usually OLED displays are soldered on pcb, there is nothing wrong about this, however; OLED displays can be very fragile if you don’t protect them. Once you broke the display unsolder-solder process is very painful. We used flat flex connector(FFC) type oled display. If you broke the display you can simply pop up the connector hand and change the OLED. Other advantage of FFC connector type OLED is you can take off the display and use the board for applications that don’t require a display in a harsh environment.

Battery does not require soldering! We used a very slim connector to connect battery to board, this will allow you to change battery once your battery dies or when you want to use higher capacity battery. When you don’t use the watch you can also disconnect the battery to store the watch safely.

We have 3 tactile switches. You can use these switches for navigating at watch menu. Switches will be handy on your own development as well.

We have two general purpose green LEDS under the display.

watchX packed with many features and sensors. It’s really very hard to describe every feature of it. It’s totally different to experience watchX in real life instead reading the specs. We hope you will love it.


watchX does not include any housing because:

it’s freaking cool PCB in watch style.

It will force you to learn 3D design. Remember as humans we only learn something if we need it! You will need a housing for watchX sooner or later :). Than you will download the 3D design, you will be amused that 3D design includes everything that exists on real product. Than you will open good old friend GOOGLE and type 3D design, how to import STEP file, how to draw something on 3D model etc. Than you will get familiar with industrial design.

watchX can be used as something else other than watch. You can set an alarm ( or trigger) to water the plants at certain days of week. Or you can use it as outdoor weather station.

all these applications require different housing designs. We will give you the 3D model of watchX. There will be everything on 3D model that you will see in watchX itself(including resistors and capacitors). You won’t be needing any measurement to draw the case you need for your application. We will also provide you different housing designs ready to download. Than you can print these housings with a 3D printer.

What's in the box?

Different strap colors are available :)


1- The watch on video is different than watch on 3D model!
Yes, it’s correct. watchX on video is a prototype. Final product will be like you see on video or 3D model.

2- Which firmware will be on the watch when i receive it?
This totally depends on you, you can either chose:

  • watch firmware pre-installed
  • arduino bootloader pre-installed
  • sketch firmware pre-installed

You can also flash any firmware you want by yourself, we will show you how to do it.

3- Will you send any housing?
No, we will provide reference housing designs so that you can download and print it with 3D printer.

4- What happens if i broke the display or need a spare part?
You will be able to purchase spare parts from our web site.

*FAQs will be updated as we receive more frequently asked questions.